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Welcome Message from the President


The College of Arms Foundation welcomes you. Our mission is to promote English heraldry in the United States and support the efforts of the College of Arms, the heraldic authority for England – as well as Wales, Northern Ireland, and Commonwealth nations. We are not part of the College of Arms, but we work very closely with the Garter King of Arms and the other Officers of Arms and Staff of the College.

Our promotional efforts include heraldic education through lectures and advising potential armigers, individuals who bear coats of arms, on the process to do so with the College, which issues dozens of new grants each year. Americans who are members of the Most Venerable Order of St. John are eligible for a grant of English arms. Americans who can establish genealogical ties to England or Colonial America while under British rule may also be eligible.

Our support efforts involve raising funds to help conserve important historical manuscripts held by the College, many of which are centuries old, and publish relevant works by the College. Many of these historical manuscripts are pedigree volumes delineating the ancestry of families, some of which have an American connection. These works often include examples of heraldic art that have remained vibrant down the years. New pedigree volumes are being created today.

Here on our website, we invite you to explore the information that we have posted on a wide range of topics, including on the work of the College, the efforts of the Foundation, and heraldry in general. Heraldry remains a living and lively practice where function and art are beautifully interwoven, with new grants of arms joining the tapestry of history.

We welcome you to help us promote English heraldry by financially supporting the conservation and publication efforts at the College of Arms as well as our other projects. While we aim our efforts at the American audience, we cheerfully encourage and accept persons from other countries as well to join. Kindly visit our Contact page to reach out to us.


Paul D. Campbell – President

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